Babywearing is the act of carrying your baby/toddler in a soft carrier.

In the babywearing class, you will learn the important safety measures for proper babywearing & choosing a secure carrier for your child. You will receive information on your baby's body & how proper babywearing supports their changing skeletal system. We will also go over the following carriers: ring sling, pouch, mei tai or ABC and wrap. The babywearing class will show you each carrier, the different ways you can use the carriers and you'll even get to try them on!  This helps you find out which works best for your situation, especially before you spend money on a carrier that may or may not work for you.

Piper started teaching babywearing classes in August 2006. In November 2010, she attended training through The Babywearing Institute & became the first certified babywearing educator in the state. In 2015, Piper became an affiliated academy instructor through the Babywearing Institute.

Why is a certification important? There's more to safely wearing than you think! Trained educators have been taught the history & science behind babywearing, proper babywearing in special situations, and many tips & tricks to finding the correct carrier for you and your child. To gain certification, one must attend a 2-day Basic Babywearer Class and a 2-day Advanced Babywearer Class. The next step is to complete a 20 page Basic Course Exam, a 36 page Advanced Course Exam & provide reports on 8 private consultations & 9 carrier evaluations. We are very proud of our babywearing education and are passionate about teaching others how to safely wear their children!

The public classes cost $15-20/person to attend and usually lasts around 2 hours.  To sign up for a class, simply RSVP to the event on Facebook, shoot an email or give us a call.  Payment for class can be made via Paypal. Private consultations & classes are available so please contact us for prices.

Babywearing Support Group meetings are all free! This is a perfect time to receive personalized help with your carrier or try a different carrier to see if it works for you and your worn baby. We do have a large lending library that is available to active members at no charge. The majority of carriers in the lending library can be purchased locally!

We do sell a few gently used carriers and new carriers that Piper makes.  With carriers beginning at $45 or below, it's a cheap and easy way to get your foot in the babywearing door.  Should you like a custom carrier made, please call 405.285.8280 or email Piper.

For name brand carriers, please visit The Worn Baby


Carriers that have been ordered and are unpaid for MUST be picked up within 2 weeks of my contacting you. If no arrangements are made, the carrier WILL BE sold.


~You are so awesome! Thanks soooo much for your time tonight. Every mom everywhere needs to know you! The bonding that wearing your baby allows is incredible and you help make sure we are doing it safely. - JE

~ I took one of Piper's classes when my fourth was a newborn.  I wish I would have taken one when the first was a newborn!  This is absolutely a 'must attend' class for anyone that has a baby or is planning more!

I thought, "I have four kids, I have a sling, what more could I really need to know?"  Boy, was I ever wrong.  I learned so much about different methods, slings, wraps and carriers.

You will learn how to use a wrap, different kinds of slings and get to try them all out.  And they aren't just for infants!

Piper is sweet, funny and very easy to talk to.  She covers a ton of material and answers any questions you might have. - BW

~ Piper, I love you. . .Reed is having a rough go of teething and is not laying down for his nap.  Luckily, I have a wonderful sling and he is able to rest in that while I get some things done.  You are saving my back and my sanity.  Thank you.  It was easy to take him out of it while he was asleep and easy to put it on and him in correctly while he was asleep on me. - AS